Dutco Styles&Wood has the ability to provide a complete package of services for clients. Our complementary expertise in business process engineering and property management systems enables us to deliver an integrated range of support services throughout a property’s lifecycle.

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About Dutco

The establishment of Dutco dates back to 1947, when leading local businessman Mr. Yousuf Baker established Dubai Transport Company.

From these beginnings the company has grown steadily. Today, there is virtually no aspect of Dubai’s infrastructure development in which the Dutco Group does not play a part, with successes extending well beyond Dubai and the UAE.

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Dutco Group Website

Styles&Wood Group Plc

Through our joint venture with Styles&Wood plc, we are able to utilise the knowledge and experience gained over 30 years in the industry.

Operating across the UK and overseas, Styles&Wood has a vast portfolio of multi-national brands, working collaboratively with clients to really understand their needs. Providing bespoke solutions across their core sectors of commercial, banking, hospitality and leisure, education, health and retail, Styles&Wood specialise in the delivery of projects that require the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

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Styles&Wood Group plc